Saturday, 16 January 2010


~Leviathan of Despair~

Since the Prince of Nightmares, Lord Morfæus, disappeared, Lord Gilgul has continued to strengthen the Dreamshield in preparation for the Coming of the Olympos. However, without the leadership of the Dreamlord, the nightmares are changing.

When Morfæus forged the Dreamshield, he drew upon the fears of the Deep to gain strength, and while Lord Gilgul's Dream Wardens, as well as the Bearers of the Letter, will hunt and kill any nightmare that serves the Exarch, some dreams have become powers in their own right.

Lately, the Leviathans have begun to walk the Dreaming. Their Gift is Despair, and those visited by them will sink into depression and melancholy, often ending with sudden suicides.

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