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It is about time I did this. This is a short introduction of my current group.

Name: Percival O'Connor, Åndemaneren

Origin: Pendrell

Background: Brought up by Professor Connor in the corridors of the University of Stafford, O'Connor is an amanuensis, and connected by affiliation to the Ministerium. On Professor Connor's death, Percival inherited a sizable amount of money, as well as the professor's private library. He was asked to partake in the adventure of the good ship Pius when it set out on its maiden voyage - its destination being the Thule port of Göteshafen.

Description: A rather quiet man, and somewhat dark, Percival has a tendency to say just the wrong thing at the right time, something that has led to more than one hairy situation. He is drawn to the darker aspects of magic, and is developing an affiliation with both the Realm of Nightmares and the Deep. While he wants to do good, he repeatedly finds that he cannot afford to take the high road, and so he repeatedly calls out for help to those he know will listen - and he pays the prize.

Player: Rune


Name: Yolander van Saar

Origin: Wezell

Background: Yolander is the oldest of the heroes, and is in his forties. He started his career as a mercenary, adventurer and opportunist at the same time as Franko da Cola started his fall. In his youth, Yolander met the Second Witness, William Blackstaff - the only other survivor of the shipwreck. Together, the two men thwarted the St. Revan's Day plot against the Pendrellian king, and Jolander was rewarded with the rank of Major, and served in in the Royal Guard for some years.

The House of van Saar is one of the leading merchant houses of Wezell, and Yolander's uncle is one of the Seven Onkels of the Syndikaat. Yolander now styles himself Great Adventurer and Spy Extraordinare of the Wezellian Syndikaat.

Description: A tall man, with striking looks, he has let himself go a little round on the middle. He usually travels with an extensive wardrobe, but somehow always manages to be prepared when the unexpected happens. He is prone to speak in big words and metaphysical terms, and is starting to show signs of madness. He is also very fond of all things intoxicating, be it drink, drugs or women.

Player: Håvard


Name: Gryff Galan, Mariner

Origin: Pendrell

Background: Captain Galan of the good ship Pius comes from an Aragonian family that has lived in Pendrell for a few generations. He has a classical education, and his naval career was meant to be a stepping stone on his way into politics. he is very much the charismatic leader, and he has brought the crew of the Pius through storms and hardships on more than one occasion. Over the course of the year since he received command of the ship, he has become convinced of the importance of the Greater Mission, that of saving the world, even in spite of itself. 

Description: He will stand on deck, unfaltering, when the ocean is throwing all its anger at the ship, and his crew looks to him for guidance and strength. Brought up a Macharite, the captain has become more and more of a magician. He will try to see reason in the madness, and he strives to stay on course even if he is dragged from all directions.

Player: Eirik M

Name: Mandan Banzel, Bombemannen

Origin: Pendrell

Background: Banzel is a family of gunsmiths from the Enlightened Scythian Empire that has migrated to Pendrell a few generations ago. Mandan has been apprenticing with his father, and has also served as a grenadier in the Pendrellian army. He has developed several weapon prototypes to aid in the great struggle.

Description: Very much a man of action, Mandan has fought mages, mythical monsters and powerful undead. He has taken it upon himself to act as the protector of those of the crew that needs it the most, and isn't to interested in the games of the gods - everything bleeds, it is just a matter of finding out how to make it so. He is very much a warrior of the Third World War.

Player: Bjørge

Name: Prince Aegir of the Enæïdùn

Origin: Dùn Cærwythen in the Second Age.

Background: The youngest of the two sons of king Gwyndell, Prince Aegir was brought up to be a warrior of his people. He is an Eight Generation Exalted, the first bloodlines of Man. Together with nineteen of his men, he was brought into the end of the Third Age when O'Connor, Banzel and Van Saar were hurled back in time.

Description: He is very much the legendary hero, standing almost three heads taller than most modern men, his features are that of a classical hero, and he is heavily muscled.

Player: Eirik S

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