Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The Orchid Club

Bral caters to almost every vice, from grand scale corruption, via most types of imaginable gambling, to lotus addiction, with each sin having its own venue. There are countless dens, dives, clubs, and brothels, catering to every level of wealth and depravity. The rock's constabulary is primarily concerned with ensuring that the corpses don't stack up and that the necessary bribes are paid, preferring not to disrupt what is a most lucrative business unless the security of the settlement is at risk. This has resulted in a symbiotic relationship between the administration and the underworld, and most will admit that this system is more than a small contributor to Bral's charm.

Mr. Limax; credit: Leketoys
Perhaps the most famous lord of the underworld is Nabulla Limax, a.k.a. the Leopard, a larger than life figure with a shadowy past, whose massive fingers are in in almost every conceivable pie. His portfolio is as large as the man himself, with his nightclub, the Orchid Club, being what most immediately associate with his name. The Orchid Club is seen to be the place to visit if you want to really experience the true underbelly of Bral. The fact that Mr. Limax frowns on those who prey on his clientele means that even a stiff collared green-lounge has a decent chance of returning home after a night out, with life and limb intact. It bears mentioning that when Mr. Limax frowns upon your actions, death is usually imminent. 

Though the very real measure of danger is a big factor, what draws guests to the Orchid Club are the the dancers, the champagne towers, and perhaps most importantly, the music. Mr. Limax prides himself on having bands every night and his club attracts bopcats from across the Hinterverse. Several of the biggest names in the business has appeared on his marquee.  The fact that a casual patron has pretty good chance of witnessing a knife fight between a couple of jealous local braves further adds to the allure. We should of course not forget to mention that the Orchid also counts several of the leading figures of the rock's underworld among its patrons. Here leaders of the Barza, the Dockers, the Seven Families, and the Guild have regular tables, a fact that has landed Mr. Limax the unofficial title of Shadow Provost.

Mr. Limax is a passionate orchid collector and both the nightclub and his Sunward mansion are lavishly decorated with these flowers. He is rumoured to own in excess of nine hundred different plants and to be constantly searching for new species. Another of his passions is steam baths and he owns bathhouses in every burrow. Many of his business meetings is conducted in the most lavish of these, the Golden Slippers. Another noteworthy rumour is that of his cats. The word is that he has two daggercats, Talona and Zahir, who are only fed human flesh. This rumour is strengthened by Mr. Limax's penchant for stating that, "rats get fed to the cats."

Storyteller's note: Nabulla first appeared back when the century was young and Star Wars d20 had just been released. A few capers in, the heroes scoundrels became trapped by the gravity of an orchid and steam bath loving Hutt. The portrait of Nabulla the Man in this post is by one of the players of that epic game.

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