Thursday, 1 March 2018

Hinterverse, a Glossary

Antikytheron, the
Core prognostication device of the Great Machine, origin unknown.

Arcturean Arm
A minor spiral arm of the Hinterverse.

The birthplace of the human race. Bane Hostile entities native to the vacuum; see also: Umbrood.

The Arcutrean Trading Company, a chartered company with exclusive rights to interworld trade in the Arcturean Arm.

Major mining settlement in the Celaeno system.

Central Analytical Prognosticator and Tracking Apparatus with Incorporated Node; core analytical engine on settlements and smaller worlds, capable of tracking astral movements, performing local prognostications, and communicating with the Great Machine.

Commonwealth, the
The largest human civilization, spanning dozens of worlds.

Artificial world or settlement, not on a planet.

Construct world and capital of the Commonwealth.

A crescent shaped construct moon orbiting the gas planet Donar’s Folly; busy port.

Custos ex Machina
Guardians of the Great Machine and secret police of the Commonwealth, special focus on deism and luddite movements.

The worship of gods.

Exodus, the
The great migration from Argos.

Goblinoid Derogatory term for non-human.

Godmachine, the
Colloquialism for the Great Machine.

Great Machine, the
Enormous analytical engine forming the core of Corregidor.

Hinterverse, the
The physical galaxy; originally the universe beyond Argos.

Hyadean Arm
A remote spiral arm of the Hinterverse, believed to have been where the OUT hid most of their fleet.

King’s Port
A construct moon orbiting Corregodor; the largest ship building facility in the Commonwealth.

Lex Deorum
The law against worship of gods Lost Ships, the One of three groups of people leaving Argos in the Exodus, led by a queen and disappeared into the Hinterverse. Many expeditions have failed to locate them.

Wireless communication by text across the vacuum.

Male Astra
Large comet that appeared suddenly. Known to affect the collective psyche of whole worlds as it comes within view.

Multiverse, the
The entirety of cosmos, including the non-physical astral realms.

Ordo Ultima Thule
An advanced thaumaturgic civilization, exiled from their world following an apocalypse of their own making; also OUT.

1. The function of an analytical machine; or 2. the science of interpreting the analytical data of the Great Machine.

Resurrection War
When Male Astra first appeared in the Centarian Arm, a group of theurges started an uprising against the Great Machine, this spread across several worlds before Peace was restored.

Ocean world, main exporter of fish and seafood.

Commonwealth outpost, usually used in reference to non-worlds.

The forbidden and dangerous practice of harnessing non-physical entities.

Third Wave, the
The last major wave of expansion by the Commonwealth.

Entities native to the vacuum; see also: Bane.

The space between worlds.

The first world colonised by the Commonwealth and the largest exporter of agricultural products.

A settled astral body, construct or natural planet, large enough to maintain a self-sustaining ecosystem.

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