Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Poll: Return of the Last Chapter

In the first months of this blog, I posted regular write-ups of the play-sessions. Then I stopped doing it. The reason was that I didn't really find it that interesting, since I tend to remember what happened anyway. That, and I published about twenty posts each month, and by not doing the Last Chapter posts I reduced my workload.

Initially the plan was that one or more of my heroic players should take over the responsibility. That didn't pan out, and that's fine -- this is my blog, and I can't expect someone else to shoulder the work I've started.

Since the last Last Chapter I've been thinking about this from time to time. There are arguments both for and against. I am, in a word, undecided on the issue. Then it struck me. I have a lifeline I can use: Ask the Audience. And so it is that I turn to you, gentle reader. Would you want to see the return of the Chapter-posts?

If you check your answer in the poll, the winds of public opinion will decide the outcome.


  1. I would love to see the return of The Last Chapter. Hooray.

  2. Please give it back to us ;>

  3. Democracy dictates that the last Chapter will return.

    The results are:
    Yes, please, bring back the last chapter: 5 votes
    No, thank you, I'm fine without it: 1 vote
    Seriously, I don't give a shit, I'm just looking for porn: 1 vote

    Thank you all for voting.