Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Marvel 1602

While I'm busy not writing the session report post, here's a very short mini-review of a comic. The LFG/used book store has closed down, and in that process they sold out everything in the store for a buck a piece. I came late to the party, but I still managed to snatch a few treasures. Among them the eight periodicals that make up the first part of Neil Gaiman's take on a 17th century Marvel Universe well into alien space bat territory.

The story is set in a sort of alternate history/parallel universe where various Marvel superheroes infiltrate the world of 1602. Dr. Stephen Strange, magician and Queen Elisabeth's court physician and the Queen's inteligencer Sir Nicholas Fury are tasked with the safe transport across Europe of an artifact coveted by all the continent's princes and monarchs. Amongst the latter we find the evil genius, Count Otto von Doom. The backdrop to this tale of drama and intrigue is a series of strange meteorological and atmospheric phenomenons.

As the story unfolds, we also meet the four crew members of the Fantastick, a blind Irish bard, and the young Virginia, the first born in the Queen's colony in the new world, and her enigmatic bodyguard, the native known as Rojhaz. As a matter of fact, I'll just let Neil sum it up for you:

Open in new tab to read the tiny letters
While it is decidedly wacky and at times completely far fetched, it is an entertaining read, and if you are even a little bit fascinated by this era, full of marvel. Also, it has a flying ship and a talking head, pickled in brandy. What more can you ask for? As a matter of fact, it is very much a valid source of inspiration for the Argos setting.

For more on Marvel 1602, read the spoiler-laden wiki [LINK].


  1. I enjoyed Gaiman's 1602, as well. The follow-ups not as much.

  2. it's always sad to hear of a shop closing. glad you got some goodies, though!