Tuesday, 15 January 2013


The Autonomous Defense/Assault Military Android (ADAMA), developed by UltraLohft Industries, Inc. is a cutting edge weapons platform, tailored for a wide variety of roles. Equally at home on the modern battlefield, on the streets, or in your home, the ADAMA is a force to be reckoned with. 

It comes off the assembly line with a powerful organic core processor, a state of the art targeting package, as well as a formidable array of leathal and non-leathal close quarters features. For customers wishing a little more bang for the buck, the ADAMA's biometric configuration allows it to be equipped with a wide variety of weapons (no hard mounts). 

Intelligence 2
Wits 5
Strength 4
Dexterity 4
Athletics 3
Brawl 4
Firearms 5
Weaponry 4

Armour 4/4
Durability 3
Structure 7

TASER - dice pool 12, resist: Stamina
Fists - dice pool 10
Grapple - 10

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