Friday, 4 September 2009

The Prophesies of Elendrine

The generation of the Exalted lasts 800 years. The Elendrine Oracle lived from the Sixth generation til the Eighth, when the temple were destroyed by a Sardukar army.

These four prophesies were inscribed on goat ribs, one per bone, and was presented to the Company by the mute oracle when van Saar, (O'Connor) and Banzel were thrown back in time.

1st bone
These things in the Eighth Generation shall come to pass. Three will come through mist of time forgotten. They will herald the death of Gods. The brothers will turn on each other, and the youngest will drown the older in blood. The towers will be broken. Then know the end of the Second Age.

2nd bone
These things in the Ninth Generation shall come to pass. The seal will be broken and one will bow to the Fallen. Drowned men will speak. The wall will be sundered, and those who walk beyond will come. That which sleeps will awaken. Then know the end of the Third Age.

3rd bone

These things in the Tenth Generation shall come to pass. A son will be born by elf and man that will gather darkness around him. He shall defeat the Host. Death itself will fall by his hand, and the tomb will be opened. From the deep He will rise. Then know the End of Days.

4th bone

These things in the Last Days shall come to pass. The earth shall be shaken by a great earthquake that throws many cities into the sea. There shall be war. Fire shall come flashing forth from the heavens, and many cities burn. Black ashes shall fill the great sky. Then know the anger of the Gods.

Storytellers note: The last prophecy is, verbatim, from the Oracle of Delphi. It inspired the three that precedes it, and I'm really pleased that the original could be used as well.

These are perhaps my most successful handouts so far, rivalled only by Blackstaff's letter (to be posted). They have led to hours of in-character debate about the meaning of the bones, and are still, almost two months after they were presented, pulled out for consulting.

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