Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Dark Triumvirate

These things in the Tenth Generation shall come to pass. A son will be born by elf and man that will gather darkness around him. He shall defeat the Host. Death itself will fall by his hand, and the tomb will be opened. From the deep He will rise. Then know the End of Days.
-The Elendrine Oracle
The son is Caracalla, Son of Shaitan, Prince of the Dark, Archduke of the Court of Stars and the Northern Shores, Lord of Sorrow, High Priest of the Cult of Shaitani. He is the fruit of the carnal relation between Alaÿna, Queen of Stars, and Franko da Cola. He was raised by his mother and a court of cultists and devout followers. His first twelve years were spent in a lavish mansion in Helmshaven, in the Waymar Archipelago. He was tutored in classical arts, politics, strategy and martial disciplines by masters from Eria and the Caliphate, and is said to speak several languages fluently.

The town of Helmshaven lies sheltered in the crater of the volcanic island of Terrandia. The crater is also the location of the dreaded Eye of the Deep. The eye is said to be bottomless, and to be a conduit to the Eternal Enemy itself. The young Caracalla spent much time looking into the dark depth of the Deep, and at age nine he willingly gave his soul to the Exarch; he received powerful gifts in return.

When he was twelve, he and his mother moved their court to the ruined city of Mûr-Chadrac, deep in the Ashen Arm on the Broken Coast. The city was once, before the Great Fall, the greatest city of the Hedhrindal, the elves of the Court of Stars. Since the move, Mûr-Chadrac has been transformed into a bustling center of industry, trade, study of the dark arts, and worship of dark gods and the Deep. Today it is arguably the most important city on the Dark Continent, and both Man and Orc, as well as Outsider are represented in great numbers here.

The young prince has a magnetism that makes him all but impossible to resist, and most who see him will be dragged towards him. Over the decade that has followed since the move, he has won a fanatic following amongst the human population of the Old Colonies. Despite his young age he has proven himself a natural leader, and his followers have proven themselves as fanatics. The most famous of his followers are the Blackguards, an almost monastic military unit consisting of men who have pledged their souls to the Prince of the Dark.

Alaÿna, Queen of the Court of Stars, Mother, Succubus; the queen has many names. She was the queen of the Hedhrindal when the star fell to the earth, and she is still revered and worshiped by many of the Orc. She is seldom seen outside Mûr-Chadrac, but she is perhaps the most feared of the Triumvirate, and it is said that she can bestow the purest of pleasure, or the deepest agony, with but a touch.

The last of the three who make up the Dark Triumvirate is Ghurandakh, Urgal-Khan of the Orc, Warlord of the Dark, and Champion of the Deep. He is the one who gathered the clans of the Orc into the Black Horde and conquered the Old Colonies, and it is him who commands the forces of the Enemy on the battlefield.
There does not seem to be a lot of dissension between the three, though there might be issues lurking beneath the surface. 


  1. Alene

    Som barn alt var jeg ikke lik

    de andre – jeg så intet slik

    som de – jeg slukket aldri selv

    min tørst ved DERES kildevell

    Min grunn til sorg var ikke samme

    og deres fryd gav ikke flamme

    til min: Mitt ja var deres nei

    og når jeg elsket – brant kun JEG!

    I barnets gry ble mønsteret gitt

    til dette stormliv som er mitt

    Fast bundet til et uforstått

    mysterium av ondt og godt

    I et mønster som tok bilde

    av rødt fjell, stri strøm og kilde -

    Av en sol som varselfull

    gryr med høstlig skjær av gull

    Av et lyn som brått slår ned

    like ved mitt oppholdssted -

    av en torden, av en storm -

    og av skyen som tok form

    mot den blå bunn himlen fikk

    av demonen i mitt blikk

  2. wise words by Poe (translated by A Bjerke)