Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Octavian's Letter

Storyteller's note: The following article was published in Tertium YE 1022 in the Committee of Correspondence's printsheet 'The Correspondent', as well as in 'The Tradesmaster's Dispatch'.


Fellow Man,

I am Octavian Terrafundus Augustus Arbalestus bani Flambeu bani Hermes Trismagistos, Master of the High Order of Hermes, Follower of the First Cabal, Marshal of the Southern Shore, Keeper of the Flame of Lūn, Servant of the Obsidian Tower, Guardian of the Seven Truths.

I have been sent to the realms of Eria to speak to those who will listen, to counsel those who seek understanding, to advice those who will heed, and to learn from those who will teach. I have been named ambassador to the arcane congress of Eria, and I speak on behalf of the Obsidian Tower in all matters of concern.

The Order of Hermes does not seek to supplant or control the Hegemony of Man, for such is not the way of the Order. Nor does it seek to rule through subversion, intrigues or threats, for this will only breed dissent and weakness.

The Order understands that Man has been divided by pride and disagreements for far too long, and it now hopes that the deeply rooted mistrusts that have divided the Brotherhood of Man for so many generations can be cast aside.

While serving with the Host of Man on the Dark Continent I saw for myself the frightful might of the Ancient Enemy. It wishes nothing but the undoing of all of Creation. Here I saw my own shortcomings, pride, avarice, and arrogance. Here I was also shown the strength of our race, for when all seemed lost I was saved by my fellow man; not for honour or glory, but for hope and love.

In these dark days the Ancient Enemy, the Exarch, the Lord of the Locust, is upon us. As our noble ancestors before us, also we must find our common strength, lest we perish alone, and with us the Light of Man.

It is with this hope I come to you, as a brother.

With wishes of enlightened prosperity,


[source: Ars Magica Wiki]

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