Monday, 14 March 2011

Nobilitas Adumbrae I

The city of Fork lies where the river Mist meets the Traen. It was amongst the first Diemedan cities to fall to the Red Death. Its population had little warning before the zombies were among them, and few who did not flee survived. In its heyday it was a prosperous centre of trade on the region's rivers. Over the last few months, Fork has been plundered and burned at least twice. As with the rest of the Redlands, the Hegemony of Man has been torn asunder, and here no mortal lord rules the land.

Today it has fallen under the Dominion of the Raven King, mostly due to Schensal, now Count of the Fork -- a crafty Hobgoblin of a certain renown. In local folklore, Schensal is known as a rude and greedy, but ultimately kind-hearted figure, often as not meeting out some sort of justice to the deserving. As far as anyone knows, this entity physically stepped onto Argos in the early Autumn of YE 1022, and he now holds a court involving both spirits, geists and other supernaturals. While he does not directly influence the city's slowly returning mortal society, he makes sure that those who dwell in his fiefdom pay him respect, and that he receives his cut of the profits being made.

Rank 3 Preternatural

Power 7
Finesse 6
Resistance 8

Willpower 15
Speed 28 (+5 species factor)
Defence 7
Size 6

Essence 20 (maximum)
Corpus 14

Misfortune 3, Fright 1

Fearstruck, Greater Influence, Harrow, Hibernate, Materialize, Regenerate, Treshold

*(Power + Finesse vs. Presence + Composure + supernatural tolerance)


[Picture source: Omar Rayyan]

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  1. Interesting. Made even moreso because it's labelled "red herring." ;)