Monday, 21 March 2011

State of Affairs

Right, I've been slacking, so let's get started. First off, the header-project tanked. A colleague of mine has been working on something for a while, and I'll give him a little more time before I try a different tack. For now, the blog stays as it is.

Secondly, the Pius Chronicle has entered a new (and probably its last) season, so an update on the current affairs is in order.

Reports from the fronts

  • Farms close to the Elfswood in North Pendrell have been taken by the forest.
  • The Enlightened Skythian Emperor Constantinius Ada was severely wounded in the Battle of Warberg Bridge. The battle was fought between Imperial and University forces.
  • The Host of Man and the Northern Army has combined forces, and are currently besieging the city of Kiln, the last major Imperial stronghold.
  • A Corinthian army has been sent to stop The Flood from crossing the Laernian Pass.
  • A combined Aragonian and Narbonnian army of about 50,000 is marching on Corillia.
  • Since 1 Decanum, the OUT has abducted at least 1,300 people  from villages on Pendrell's western coast.
  • The Siege of Cora is in its sixth week. No reinforcements, supplies or correspondence has been able to reach the beleaguered island since 2 Decanum.

[Picture source: Borja Fresco Costal]


  1. Nice, man. Good to see that you are still killing it. I have really been missing the WoD.

  2. Big things afoot! Glad to have you back with us, Harald. :)