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The Dominion of Langrim

Storyteller's note: This is the basic information available about the sandbox as of now. If the game flows, more material will follow.

The six islands that form the Dominion of Langrim lies somewhere North-West of the world, surrounded by seemingly endless watery wastes. The climate is cold and humid, with snowy winters and wet summers. The human and demi-human population, all but a few living on Langrim, the largest of the islands, are sustained by farming the rich soil, and by fishing in the bountiful waters off the coast.

The islands lie isolated and forgotten, separated from the rest of the world by a vast and hostile ocean. No ship has come from the Imperium for more than seven centuries, and not even the wizards of Mercere has been able to reach their brothers and sisters on the mainland. There are those who believe that the rest of the world has vanished, others say that there is some ancient magic at work, barring anyone from travelling between here and there. Yet others call upon ancient prophesies to explain the Isolation.

Whatever the cause, the people of Langrim have managed to maintain a semblance of order and structure, despite the many feuds and rivalries that has taken root in the ruling classes. They are all painfully aware of the cost of open warfare, and of the constant threat posed by goblins and the other fell creatures of the dark that haunt the many tunnels and caves. To this end, a system of checks and balances has developed, to guard the precarious civil peace in the Dominion, to keep the ever present threat of the creatures of Chaos and Evil at bay, and to secure the prestige and prosperity of those who guard the society.

Type: Religious Order
Alignment: LG

The goddess of life and the sun was a prominent figure in the Empire. In the Dominion her temple has survived the centuries of isolation through jealously guarding it's doctrines against dilution and heresy. To this end it practices strict orthodoxy in any interpretation of the scriptures, nor does it allow depiction of the goddess in any form, it also does not allow it's clergy to marry – so as to avoid any dynastic ambitions.

The Miranites are led by the priestess Mother Iepsia, an elderly human. Though in practice the order's spiritual leader, she claims to be nothing but a lowly servant of the Divine Order of Things. Although Miranite temples can be found in all cities and towns in the Dominion, it's spiritual centre is located in Castlefaust.

Type: Feudal confederacy
Alignment: CG

The Knights of the Vale consists of about a dozen families of major human landowners, based in the fertile Valley of Tyrin. The Knights does not recognise Imperial Law as valid, and this has led to a long standing conflict, of varying degrees of intensity, with the Legion. Over the centuries, the two factions have found themselves at war with each other on several occasions, but they do share a common enemy in the marauders of the Underdark.

Across the island of Langrim, the steel clad riders under their green banner has become a welcome sight for those farmers and travellers when the goblin war-drums are booming in the dark.

The nobles of the Vale have little in common except their common disdain for the Imperial Remnant, and their hatred for the monsters. The current Princeps is Lady Severa, matron of the old noble house of Alarix. All major decisions are made in the Counsil of the Patrons, and here the Iron Lady sits at the head of the table. She also rules the Vale on a day-to-day basis with her two sons, Sir Elsar and Sir Marrion.

Type: Militocracy
Alignment: LE

In the days of the Empire, the XVII Legion, the Gray Wolves, counted three thousand legionnaires, with auxiliary corps of archers, wizards, and healers. Despite centuries without any word from the Emperor, the Legion has managed to survive. Today's remnant consists of about three hundred professionals, and about thrice that number of part timers. Over the years, it has changed from being a purely military organization, to becoming a political entity. It's base is Legion's Rest, the largest city in the Dominion, where it controls every aspect of civil life.

The influence of the Legion can be felt outside the city walls as well; it taxes and maintains the paved roads between Legion's Rest, Port Shieldwall, and Castlefaust, and it's three galleys patrol the waters around the islands. Lastly, whenever raiding monsters are sighted south of the mountains, the legionnaires will march out to counter the threat.

The Legion is led by a Dux, and three Tribunes. The Dux of the last hundred and seventy years is the Elf Haladar Silvermoon, a ruthless but fair leader. His Tribunes are the Dwarf Trom Broadblade, Tribune of the Castle, the human Lyra Deserra, Tribune of the Sea, and the Half-Orc Garthor Blackfang, Tribune of the Field.

Type: Magical Order
Alignment: N

The order of Mercere was founded by Mercer Bladestaff, two decades after the Last Ship. Mercer was one of the Legion's wizards, and in those first tumultuous years he won great renown in the Darkslayer War. Many of his fellow magicians perished in the war, and as it became clear that the Legion stood alone, Mercer resolved to desert his post. Here the story differs. The Legion claims that since Mercer left his post, the order he founded is technically illegal. This has caused some tension over the years, but today this is rarely brought up in polite company. The Wizards themselves rarely comment on any of this.

Over the centuries, the order has become one of the pillars of the Langrim society. They practically have monopoly on Arcane magic, and though they certainly have agendas of their own – of which they do not speak – they will hire out their services to any faction or individual who can afford it. There however are things they will not do, and the most known of their rules is that they will never engage in any action that will bring down the Dominion. They are also sworn enemies of Goblins and the creatures of the Underdark.

Companion to the Map
Table 1.1: Islands
  1. Langrim
  1. Magehold
  1. False Respite
  1. Ragnor's Island
  1. Stormspire
  1. Keelbreaker

Table 1.2: Cities and Towns
  1. Castlefaust
  1. Covenant of Mercere
  1. Ruins of Dwergard
  1. Eisenhart
  1. Geenvale
  1. Grimport
  1. Hogan's Stand
  1. Legion's Rest
  1. Manheim
  1. Port Shieldwall
  1. Swordfall
  1. Windgard

The peoples of Langrim are not the only ones to call the islands their home. Long before man, elf, dwarf and halfling came in their ships from the mainland, goblin tribes ruled the region. Despite the viscous wars fought during the first generations of the Dominion, the humanoids still pose a threat. Other monsters also stalk the islands, preying on the weak or careless. In the ocean depths, aquatic creatures of chaos and evil rule, and few captains will leave port without protection.

Table 2.1: Monsters of Langrim
Ankheg [2] Lich [2]
Boar [2] Loacthah [2, A]
Brownie [2] Lychanthrope [1]
Bulette [2] Mimic [2]
Dog [2] Night Hag [2]
Eagle, Giant [2] Nightmare [2]
Ettin [1] Ochre Jelly [1, S]
Fungi, Violet [2] Piercer [2]
Gargoyle [1] Pseudodragon [2]
Gelatinous Cube [1, S] Roper [2, S]
Ghast [2] Rot Grub [1]
Ghoul, [1] Sahuagin [2, A]
Giant, Hill [1] Sea Hag [2, A]
Goblin [1, S] Sea Serpent [1, A]
Golem [2] Shadow [1]
Gray Ooze [1, S] Shrieker [1]
Green Slime [1, S] Skeleton [1]
Groaning Spirit (Banshee) [2] Slithering Tracker [2]
Harpy [1] Squid, Giant [1, A]
Hobgoblin [1, S] Will-O-Wisp [2]
Homunculus [2] Wyvern [1]
Kobold [1, S]

Leperchaun [2]

1: Labyrinth Lord, 2: Advanced Edition Companion, A: Aquatic, S: Subterranean

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