Sunday, 19 February 2012

Random encounter table 2.1

This is a random encounter table I put together as I was playing with ideas.

Dave and Matt, I leave it up to you as to weather or not you wish to read further on this post. These encounters may or may not come into play, but reading them now may affect your experience of the game if it becomes relevant.

The ambush
Five dishevelled and desperate lvl 1 Fighters have set up an ambush on the road/path. Neither is particularly bright, and they are armed with spears (x2), axes (x3), and one shortbow. They are all wanted by the local rulers for minor crimes. Each has a bounty of 30 gold on their heads, 10 if they're dead. [Treasure: 7 cp, poor quality weapons]
The lone goblin
Prik and his fellows were out on a raid, and when morning came they decided to hole up in a thicket for the day. Unfortunately the same thicket was used by a litter of young giant boars. The mother wasn't far away, and she killed the rest of the goblins. When the dirty and terrified Prik stumbles out in front of the party, the angry sow isn't far behind. [Treasure: 4 sp, 11 cp]
The conceited noble
Sir Dewayne Pinetree (pronounced pin-TRAY) is travelling with his three henchmen. The four riders will demand that the vagabonds give them right of way, and not too politely either. The four are all lvl 2 Fighters. Killing them may cause local authorities to outlaw the party. [Treasure: 91 gp, 37 sp, jewels worth 1,350 gp, longsword +1, 4 horses, good quality clothes, armour, and barding]
The duel
Sir Rayner of the Vale and Sir Marcus of the Legion are both vying for the affection of the beautiful Lady Tremayne. Three days ago, Sir Marcus demanded satisfaction for some perceived offence, and Sir Rayner accepted the challenge. They chose this site for the duel, and it is already under way. Sir Rayner has made arrangements to ensure his success, and if the fight goes against him, his three will attack Sir Marcus' three. The knights are lvl 3 Fighters, the seconds are lvl 2. One of Rayner's men is a lvl 3 Magic User disguised as a page. [Treasure for Rayner's party: 39 gp, 77 sp, 66 cp, spell book, Healing Potion, 4 horses, armour; treasure for Marcus' party: 91 gp, 102 sp, 31 cp, 2 Healing Potions, 4 horses, armour]
The mad prophet
Some days ago, Maraband the Mad offended the local noble, and ended up put in a gibbet for his troubles. He will engage the party in conversation as they pass him. He will bestow the following on the first hero who address him: roll 1d4, 1 = he will tell the future, 2 = blessing (+2 to all rolls for 24 hours), 3 = curse (-2 to all rolls for 24 hours), 4 = mad ramblings. [Treasure: none]
The wandering priest
Brother Randon (lvl 5 Halfling Cleric) does not subscribe to the orthodox doctrines taught by the Imperial Temple. He will talk about the endless love of the goddess, and how it is important for mortals to try to emulate this as well as one can. He will gladly cast any spells he has to help the party. He will not go on adventures with them. [Treasure: 9 gp, 7 sp, 11 cp]
The old crone
A hideous, ancient woman, perhaps even a hag, is sitting by the side of the road. Her leg is stuck in a tangled root, and she can't get loose. She will not address the heroes unless they approach her. If they offer to help free her, she will give them a Potion of Heroism as thanks. Regardless of their actions, if they leave her there, she will put a curse on them (the next time the party encounters a trap, they will miss it, and it will have full effect). [Treasure: bag of various herbs, pouch of different coloured human hair, pouch of rune-inscribed bones, small humanoid skull inscribed with runes and occult symbols]
The outlawed magician
Vancelus the Wild (lvl 5 Magic User) is wanted for various crimes, from arson to theft, to magical misdemeanours, by the Legion, the Knights of the Vale, and the Order of Mercere. Vancelus is as ruthless and opportunistic as they come. When he first sees the party, he will cast Charm Person on at least two of the heroes as soon as they come within range of the spell. Thereafter he will attempt to con them into buying a bogus treasure map from him. The price is 3,000 gp, but he is willing to let it go for whatever the party has available. [Treasure: 61 gp, 30 sp, 9 cp, gems worth 3,700 gp, spell book, dagger +3, 2 vials of poison]

[Picture source: Keith Thompson]


  1. Interesting. Not just encounter's but adventure springboards.

  2. I'm digging it. Especially The Duel and the Prophet, Priest and Crone. Stay sick!

  3. @Trey: That was what I had in mind when I put them together. I'm glad it actually came out like it as well.

    @Idunn: I would assume you also caught the Crone's reference in folklore.

  4. Indeed, I did. Are you absolutely sure that it is her foot that is stuck? And I forgot to say, it is always good to see some decent loot.

  5. It is indeed her foot that is stuck. What do you think this is? A fairytale? *shakes head*

    As for the loot, that's how we traditional fantasy gamers roll, innit?