Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Technical issues

I'm experiencing the following technical issues at the moment:
  • I cannot add new blogs to my blogroll - when I open the dialogue box, everything works as it should, except it will not save. I have found a few new blogs over the last week and a bit, but unfortunately I have been unable to share these on the 'roll.
  • I cannot comment on my own or any other blog - blogger does not allow me to chose a profile under which I can publish a comment.

I can only hope that these issues will be resolved and amended by the Lords of Google as soon as possible.

The scheduled program will resume after this message.


  1. Recently, I had a problem with following too many blogs - i.e. I had hit my limit. If I tried to manually follow another blog, it would tell me I had hit the limit, but if I just hit the "follow" button on the top of a Blogger blog, it would act as though it had been added to my list. I wonder if you problem is related to that issue?

  2. Heh, as it turns out, the comment issue was isolated to Google Chrome, which figures, since both blogger and chrome are google products. I tried deleting cookies, and the next step is to reinstall chrome.

    As for the 'roll problems, I shouldn't think the number of blogs is the issue, as I now have 197 blogs on there. I have had more than 200 at some point, and 197 strikes me as a strange number to place a cap.

  3. Right, I've now cleared out all the traces of Chrome on my pooter, and reinstalled it. The old install must have contacted browser rot, and putting it down seems to have fixed it.