Saturday, 25 February 2012


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Jedediah from the Book Scorpion's Lair tagged me, and I think I'll take a page from Trey's book here. Yes, I'll gladly answer the questions, but I wont partake in the chaining. So, here goes.

1. If you could choose three people to game with (any at all: fictional, real, famous ect.), who would that be?
TinTin, Amita Ramanujan from Numb3rs, and Al Swearengen from Deadwood.

2. What's the most weird thing you have ever eaten?
Surströmming. It's not food, I tell you. My dad really likes it though.

3. Name the three most important things to have in case of zombie attacks.
A plan, a disaster survival kit, and a variety of weapons. In that order.

4. Whats top of your bucket list?
Publish a book.

5. What's the most weird character concept you have ever come across, as a GM or player (feel free to include your own)?
Probably my AD&D 2E Fighter with the Gladiator Kit. He wore a black hood, had a noose around his neck, and his favourite weapon was a 50 kg tomb stone. I guess I was working through some teen angst.

6. Dracula or Frankenstein? Why?
Dracula. How can you not like Vlad ze Impaler?

7. If you could choose any movie at all to see on the big screen (again or for the first time), which one would that be?
Iron Sky.

8. Where did you buy your first dice?
A friend of mine bought them for me while on a weekend trip to the nearest town. Yes, I grew up in the sticks.

9. You're offered a day on a holodeck. What do you create?
The attack on the Deathstar from Return of the Jedi.

10. Time travel: what would be your destination of choice?
Date: January 18, 1919. Location: The Salle de l'Horloge at the French Foreign Ministry, Quai d'Orsay, Paris, France. I'd bring a suitcase of history books, and hopefully the nincompoops who signed the Treaty of Versailles wouldn't fuck it up as badly with some relevant hindsight added to their petty bickering.

11. If you had to choose a RPG system to live in, what would that be?
I think I'd go with Itras by. Of all the brutal and unpleasant worlds out there, this one is, I think, the one most suited for habitation.

[Picture source: Jiri Adamec]


  1. These are interesting to read. Read Trey's earlier, as well. Thanks for sharing. Boogie boogie.

    1. Yeah, these interviews are kinda neat. Thanks for stopping by :)

    2. They are. Thanks for sharing and if you ever start posting on PORT again, please stop in and let me know.

      Cheers and boogie boogie.

  2. I can see Swearengen being good to game with. He'd probably bring canned peaches for snacks.

    1. And an ample supply of foul language, no doubt. The reason I'd like to play with him is that I would expect him to penetrate as deeply as possible into plots and intrigues.

  3. Thank you for playing :)
    I like your time travel destination. Might be more effective than killing Hitler.

    And I'm amused: the picture you posted looks a lot like my Vampire character from whom I stole the name Jedediah when I started to live online, right down to the immaculate shirt he's wearing.

    1. As far as I am aware, the Treaty of Versailles is, pardon my French, the single, greatest fuck up in the history of man.

      As for the picture, on The Book of Worlds, the blogger posts you.