Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Destiny manifest

With the death of Dr. Mörbius, the Ordo Ultima Thule lost its leader through seven centuries. The heavy casualties sustained during the Repatriation War also left it changed. The new leadership, a tribunal of senior officers referred to as the Triarchy, decided to abandon the Mörbian doctrine of descendental hegemony in favour of a policy of colonisation, production, and procreation. Several locations had already been surveyed, and of these the Axefjord area provided the best premises for an archcolony: an abundance of minerals, rich fisheries, an unsophisticated native population, and strong natural defences.

The primitive locals quickly accepted their new masters and within a few years the colony had sunk its roots and become self sufficient. When the colony ship Exodus I made landfall in YE 1031, everything was ready for it to connect its caerncraft reactors to the underdeep, thus providing the growing colony with an abundance of energy. 

At this point scores of seed-ships - vessels carrying vast numbers of foetal pods - had made it through the blockades around Argos. The birthing program now initiated is the largest in the Ordo's history, with vast numbers of indigenous womb-thralls being utilised to bear the new generation, Generation Null, into this world. When these children reach adulthood, the population numbers will have succeeded the safety margin for genetic drift.

With a disproportionate population segment being of sub-adolescent age, the colony's main concern at this stage is to educate and shape these future soldiers, administrators, scientists, and procreators. In the words of Greta von Manngraben, Premier of New Dönerhaven, "we are first and foremost a society of teachers and caregivers, to us falls the responsibility of paving the way for the future."

To protect the young colony, an extensive joint-arms system of defensive parameters have been established. Ships are on constant patrol in the skies as far south as Terema, a network of forward bases and fortifications are under constant strengthening, spies and agents in most Erian capitals report on all movements of interest, and sensor-stations and Seers are on constant watch for any incursions by Arcanists.

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