Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Golden Ass

As you turn the corner you see her. 46 feet from stem to stern, made of promise and freedom. Sure, she'll need some loving - she's been grounded for too long and birds have nested in her rigging, poor girl. Still, she looks solid and has nice lines. Even better, once you sign the banknotes she'll be all yours. As you take in the sight of her where she sits gilded by the evening sun, you can't help but grin as you mutter to yourself, "she'll be shitting gold soon enough."

The Goudende Ezel is a first generation commercial skytrader, also known as a Wezelender. The ship was built in YE 1013 by Anker & Jahnsen of Zaarbrugge. It has a keel of depleted oak and a hull of bronze birch over witchwood ribs, making it extremely light while keeping the cost down. Buoyancy is delivered by three balloons - the ones currently fitted are patched and somewhat worn, but made of Umbral silk.

Cargo capacity is 15 tonnes and the ship takes a crew of twelve. Current armament is two Bansl & Galan sparrowguns, extremely light long-range cannons, but there are ports for eight. It has never fallen out of the sky and has has had but one previous owner. It has been well cared for and only sailed between Marburg and Wezell.

Cost: ●●●●●

Storyteller's note: Today's bonus post describes the skyship recently bought by our new heroes. granted, play has not officially started, but there's been plenty of chatter in our Facebook-group. Congratulations gentlemen, you've bought yourself a boat.

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  1. Hello, would you please share where you found this picture? Is it in the public domain or are you the artist? Thank you.