Thursday, 8 July 2010

Another one bites the dust

Hardly breaking news anymore, but for those of you who haven't heard yet, White Wolf is apparently discontinuing Mage: the Awakening. The following quote is from the afterword of the Chronicler’s Guide for Mage: the Awakening, curtesy of Life and Times of a Phillipine Gamer:

And so, once more, we come to the end. A sort of well-deserved sleep after being Awake for a time, perchance to dream anew. As a certain fictional archmaster of Time said, “Nothing ever ends.” This Mage is ending, but your Mage can go on. That’s the wonder of roleplaying games – unfettered imagination to a degree unknown in traditional forms of storytelling.

Just so, I for one will keep the candle burning, and the Book of Worlds will keep its own particular brand of Awakening alive as long as there are stories to tell. Who knows, the next line from White Wolf may be just as big of an improvement as nWoD was when it first came out.

I'm also quite happy that I've bought a few hard-copies lately, because:

The books will still be here, even if in the years to come they’ll be primarily accessible to new players as PDF downloads — digital traces rather than ink on paper. In a sense, Mage is becoming more Supernal.

Now I have another excuse for spending my hard-earned on RPG-books...

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