Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Day of the Gremlins

Today was just such a day. I have been plagued by nasty, evil-spirited, vindictive, petty, little gremlins. First it was the recurring issues I've been having with Blogger. For some reason, whenever -- no, wait -- sometimes when I edit a published post, things go to shit. Tits up, if you will. The core of the problem seems to be something to do with the HTML coding.

What happens is that page-breaks are inserted liberally between paragraphs, and nothing except sifting through the entire god damn code of the post and weeding out the crap manually seems to work. This morning this happened again with the Metaphysical Topography post. After having tried fixing it, I decided to just repost the entire thing and delete the one that was all wonky. And that's how things got interesting.

All of a sudden only one post, the reposted version of the last one, were visible on the homepage. And when I started poking around, shit got even weirder. So I wrote a short post explaining why everything looked strange around here, and prepared to just leave it til this evening.

And then the rest of the Mogwais showed up. I decided to make a phone-call and noticed that my iPhone was acting strange. As in, the contents of my contact-list has gone, and the phone-software shuts down before even showing me the keypad. Long story short, I upgraded to the iOS 4.0 about a week ago, and things have been a little off since then. It now appears that barring black magic and virgin sacrifice, the contacts have been lost for eternity.

If you own an iPhone, and still haven't upgraded your iOS: DO NOT DO IT!!! 

In between cursing at my phone, I find a way of sorting the wonky post (copy/paste into Notepad, delete all the excess line-breaks, copy/paste back into Blogger). However, while this makes the normal ten posts show on my homepage, for some reason, the post I wrote while everything was malfunctioning ended up as a snack for the critters.

Now things seem to be working, but I'm getting close to migrating to WordPress.

I'm still missing all my contacts, though, and my provider basically told me to walk it off. Fucked by Google and Apple on the same day... It makes me feel a little special, I have to tell you.

I must admit I was feeling a little bit like this guy.


  1. Blogger's been having a prob with comments too, I wonder whether this is linked.
    Just had a bit of computer rage myself when the ink cartridge I'd waited weeks for was unrecognised by the printer, I feel that guy's pain.

  2. I feel for you. There are few things more annoying than when stuff that should work doesn't.

    I've taken a day off from (almost) all things digital. It felt good, I tell you.