Wednesday, 9 February 2011

OUT Rank-and-File -- Poll Closed

The results are in, and I am surprised and pleased by the turn-out. Twelve people voted, and the results were unequivocal. The Ordo Ultima Thule twelve-a-dozen thugs are now called Falangists. I'm quite pleased by that, as it was my favourite, and after having used it in play, I find it rolls easily off the tongue. It also distinguishes them from the other types of allies and enemies in the setting.

The results were as follows:
Legionaries: 0 - 0%
Falangists: 7 - 58%
Hirdmen: 3 - 25%
Other: 2 - 16%

A special thank you goes out to Trey, Toadface, and C'nor, for contributing with new suggestions. To the rest of you, thanks for helping out.

I'll edit this into the Villains-post ASAP.

Origin of the word

Falange is Spanish for falanx, and came to mean the Falange Española de las J.O.N.S. During the 1930's it was one of the parties in the Spanish Civil War, and it eventually became a unified party under General Franco. The members of the party were called Falangists, or in Spanish, Falangistas. [Wikipedia]

[Picture source: 1 & 2 unknown]

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