Friday, 4 February 2011

Plague Demons


In the dawn of time, Mekelrad was a Bane Lord, a powerful spirit of the nether regions of the Umbra. After the Sundering, his realm was swallowed by the Abyss, and Mekelrad was drowned. Since then, he has appeared in legends a few times as the Lord of the Red Death.

Rank: 5
Attributes: Power 15, Finesse 12, Resistance 15
Willpower: 30
Essence: 36 (max 50)
Initiative: 27
Defence: 15
Speed: 37 (species factor 10)
Size:  12
Corpus: 27

Influence: Red Death 5
Numina: Blast (dice-pool 27 + Essence points, range 150 yds - Lethal); Consume the Tainted Soul (dice-pool 27, each success gives one Essence - destroys one zombie); Create Nerguldamoth (dice-pool 27, cost 5 Essence); Underworld Gate (dice-pool 27, opens portal to the Underworld for one scene, can be kept open by Essence).
Ban: Cannot actively harm a true believer.

These spirits are conjured from the mass-graves of those who die nameless deaths during a plague. They appear as large humanoids composed of countless decaying corpses covered in lye, and will normally attack any living on sight. The attacks of a Nerguldamoth carries the infection of the plague that killed its corpses.

Rank: 3
Attributes: Power 8, Finesse 7, Resistance 9
Willpower: 17
Essence: 20 (max 20)
Initiative: 16
Defence: 8
Speed: 17 (species factor 2)
Size:  9
Corpus: 18

Influence: Plague 2
Numina: Abhorrent Stench (dice-pool 15, -Resolve, scene, target takes penalties on all actions); Puterfy (dice-pool 15 vs. hardness - all organic matter rots).
Ban: May not pass the Gauntlet unless through a portal.

[Picture source: 1 unknown; 2 LordNetsua]

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