Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Mid-week musings [POLL INSIDE]

I've got one more post coming before the Great Adventure, and that's last session's chapter-post. That should be up around midnight tomorrow, I'm hoping. Until then, I'll give you some light entertainment, as well as the opportunity to exercise your democratic muscles.

Let's start with the poll, shall we. As regular readers, and of course my players, are aware of, there is a faction of badguys in my world called the Ordo Ultima Thule. As any proper evil order, they have all sorts of minions to call upon to fuck up the plans of our heroes. What I'm asking you to help me with is decide on the name of their rank-and-file. So far I've called them "the Legion/Legionaries". I'm not really pleased with that, hence the poll.

The options you can chose between are: Legionaries, Falangists, Hirdmen, and Other (specify). On the latter, please leave a comment below. There are no prizes attached, apart from eternal gratitude and unmeasurable glory.

As for the entertainment, I'll leave that to Jonathan Coulton. It's more than a little relevant to the current plot-line ;)

The picture is by the super-talented Daniel Lieske, the creator of the online graphic novel the Wormworld Saga. You really should check out his stuff.

For my players
As you seem to have taken an interest in connecting NPCs with old legends, you should read the following posts, as I will not accept creative interpretations based on mere speculation.
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  1. How about Sturmtruppen?

  2. That's definitely in the running. Thanks :)

  3. I voted for suggestion is Kriegmen.

  4. My suggestion (I voted for Other): Larsheel'Niuki (Lar-sheel-knee-ooh-key).

  5. Actually,I changed my mind. Ignore my previous comment.

  6. Thank you all for good suggestions. It would appear that unless any of the other parties manage to rally up a landslide, the winner will be the Falangists.