Saturday, 29 January 2011

Gaming Retreat

The inhabitants of the sleepy village had no idea that great powers
would soon converge on their peaceful corner of the world.

Next weekend the BoW crew will leave civilization to spend a few days immersed in the events unfolding in the world of Argos. Since all hands will be present, and since we'll have at least two long sessions, I have a lot of homework to get done. Therefore I'm not posting much of substance these days, as much of the prep entails behind-the-scenes kind of stuff. We're talking stat-blocks, NPC-plans, map work, etc.

The lads have a few things planned for the weekend, and I'm expecting there'll be some changes made to the geopolitical map -- that is, unless we get a TPK ;)

The rest of you will have to wait, as I hope to get at least a portion of the material I'm cooking up out there. There should also be a rather lengthy chapter coming after next weekend, and there might even be some pictures for the other blog. We'll see. We do have one session before then though, so that should generate a few posts over the coming week.

For now, have a good weekend, and I hope you can get some good gaming done.

[Picture source: Miljølæ]


  1. Sounds like fun. Good adventuring to you all.

  2. Thanks, mate. I'm looking forward to it.