Saturday, 29 January 2011

Ursula Le Guin

If you like fantasy, if you like Le Guin, or if you just like listening to smart people's thoughts, you should listen to BBC's The Interview featuring the grandmother of fantasy fiction. You can find it in the archives, dated 28 January 2011.


[Picture source: John Howe]


  1. Thanks for the tip - I will definitely check this out!

  2. That's a terrible interview! That interviewer needs to be taken out the back and shot. He gets one of the greats of science fiction writing on the radio and asks her to define the difference between hard and soft sci-fi, then attacks her for having a mobile phone? Pathetic! You could hear Ms. le Guin's frustration too...

  3. @Cyclopeatron:
    My pleasuer :)

    Well, outside the fantasy-crowd, she's not that well known, and the focus of the interview wasn't her books.