Saturday, 8 January 2011

Fragments of Truth and Fiction I

"In dark chambers beneath the streets they meet every night. During the days they walk among the populace, masking their marks of devotion. They know the truths the others strive hard to ignore, they are the harbingers of the final awakening. Theirs are the secrets of the Drowned Man."

"None are as feared on the battlefields of the Enlightenment War as the Livonian cuirassiers; their very appearance on the field can be enough to break the will of the mislead and the corrupted. They are truly invincible, for in their hearts burns the True Light of Creation!"

"Deep in the bogs he found what he had sought for so long, but in finding it, he also sealed his fate. The price demanded was such as would damn the one who paid to torment and despair, and the treacherous path he was on led only further into the mire."

"I have been walking for so long. That is my destiny. To walk forever. There are so many things to witness, so many roads to walk. Staff in hand, I press on on paths both deep and aloft. Ever since that fateful day when the seal was broken, ever since that fateful day I have been walking. My only hope is that I wont be too late."


  1. There's some inspiration! Good choice of pictures too, especially for that last, plus it's a real beauty.

  2. I love your little vignettes. They're so thoughtfully considered, with a true poetic touch.

  3. Very cool--and as you've probably guessed, the picture and vignette format is one I really like.

  4. Wow, I'm humbled by your warm responses, people. Let's do this again some time :)