Saturday, 20 March 2010

A Conversation in the Dark

The two men stood on the aft-deck of the great ship gazing landward. All was quiet -- grim sailors stood by their posts, and bar the faint green light of a single lantern the ship was cloaked in an impenetrable darkness. So close to the harbour it lay that the night-time sounds of the city could be heard drifting across the murky water.

"I have done as you commanded, my Lord," the taller of the two said, his voice low and throaty. "The men are in place, and the cargo is hidden and ready."

"Have you made contact with the Priest," the other man asked, smaller in stature but infinitely more imposing, his voice like a dagger hidden in soft, black velvet.

"Yes, my Lord, he told me his flock was prepared and awaiting the signal."

"Just make certain you succeed, Master Corvin. If you fail you would be better served by dying than to return defeated, the Queen herself has taken interest in this now."

The two stood in silence a while, each locked in his own thoughts. At length the sound of oars breaking the water could be heard, then from below a soft "Hoi there!".

Corvin bowed to the other man, went to the railing and without another word he climbed down the ladder to the small boat being maneuvered up to the massive black hull.

Captain Armand stood looking after the boat until it passed behind the harbour's breakwater before he said, "Take her out, Mr. Blunt."

Quietly like a great predator the Kraken slipped out to sea.

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