Thursday, 18 March 2010

The evil of RPGs

I just stumbled across this blog. After looking at a few posts I've become convinced that RPGs are evil and gays are hated by Jesus*.  Normally I'd keep my political POV out of the BoW, but here we have an overlap.

From the STR Freedom blog:

At STR we would never stoop to exploiting a topic as painful as a person’s death: However we feel that this evil man’s sudden death should serve as a warning to all those who oppose Jesus and his message of love and salvation.

Followed by this touching prayer: 

Dear God,
Thank you for using Gary Gygax as an example to all those who take your name in vain.
His death will serve as an example to occultists, homosexuals and Christ-hating liberals. 
Thank you for ending this sinner’s Life. 

WTF?!? That there has to be one of them double standards...

Oh, and note that Palin is listed as VP on four of the seven poll-options in the upper right corner. Figures. Ignorance and hate-mongering seems to be right up her alley.

*Yes, that was sarcastic.

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  1. I was recently asked why I posted this filth on my blog. The answer is that I believe that this kind of hate-mongering should be brought into light so that more people are aware of what happens out there.

    I was genuinely pissed off when I read the STR Freedom blog.