Wednesday, 10 March 2010

News and Rumours

Storyteller's note: Last chapter the characters went off to the orient, cavorting with mystics and mediums for a week and a half. Here's some of the reports they were presented upon returning.

Artist: Rado Javor

  • The elves have stopped attacking. Large areas are now under their control. A force of five thousand sent by the Parliament to enforce the University of Man has vanished.
  • Civil war has broken out in Pendrell. Reports tell of fighting between the Macharite army of the uncrowned King Rowar II and a Parliamental army.
  • Wezellian forces are pursuing the retreating Pendrellians into Corillia.
  • The Wezellian Navy has been defeated by Pendrell in the Battle of the Gap, one of the largest naval engagements in centuries.
  • The queen of Narbonne has declared a pogrom on the Lasarites of Gardanelle. Reports tell of the execution of entire villages.
  • Arch Primarch Inocens IX of the Temple of Man Supreme has named Wezell an Enemy of Man.
  • No ship has come from the Waymar Islands for a month now.
  • Dark cults have taken control over several Corinthian cities.

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