Thursday, 18 March 2010

The last chapter

We picked up where the last left off, at the gates of the Hermetic city of Septimus.

The heroes were let through both the Outer Gate and the Middle Gate without any problems. At the Inner Gate they were challenged by the Hermetic Adeptus Severa Septima Arachnidus. Before they were allowed entrance to the Inner Circle they were made to swear not to bring enmity or maliciousness to the tower. As it happened, Severa was a rather attractive woman, something the good Percival O'Conner noticed quite well. More on that later.

After the formalities were dealt with the Cabal was brought before the Master of the Tower, Lucius Septimus Arachnidus. They had a long conversation over a light meal with the Master, and many questions were asked and answered.

Afterwards they were lodged in a guest house and Adeptus Severa was assigned as their liaison. Banzel hung out with the smiths, and since the master smith was an Enæïd they were also joined by the Prince. The latter, believing his band to be the last if his people, also visited the smithy, as well as as many of the Enæïdùn he could. He had some issues with his people being ruled by anyone but him, and he also brought his concerns before Master Lucius Arachnidus.

Drake/M'narcel, or, since the Hermetics knew his Truename, Percival, got the lovely Severa to show him around in the gardens, under the pretext of learning more about the Arcana of Life. In reality he was trying his level best to disrobe the Adeptus, and he didn't take no for an answer. In fact, he pleaded with her til she gave in. And so it was that Percival came to be Severa's boy-toy.

The Prince, wishing nothing more than to set his people free, went into the Wild to brood. Not only had the Enæïdùn become servants of "lesser people", they had also taken to worship of gods, Arkon to be precise. Sitting alone in the wilderness his thoughts was suddenly interrupted by the appearance of a great white stag. Being a rather straight forward kind of guy, he killed the animal, thanked the Huntsman, and brought the kill back to the city.

Since the White Stag is closely connected with Arkon, and since the Prince was the last of the Royal line, this caused quite an uproar. The Enæïdùn of Septimus decided that this called for a blot, and shortly after the heroes found themselves eating the sacred flesh of the stag, drinking Aetlingamjöd, and bloting. The Prince got up and held an epic speech about the inheritance of Arkon, then the captain followed up with a just as epic song.

The blot lasted for three full days, and the participants all felt like they were sitting in Arkon's hall. Percy, by now drunk on love... er... sex, was seen dancing in a field of flowers he had created himself. Banzel also made a discovery, he found that by drinking Geminon's toast in Waymar Water he could remain sober. This of course led to there being no Water left when the blot was over.

Storyteller's note: The Cabal has called for a Grand Convocation of mages and supernaturalists. They have also recently dealt a few hard blows to several Enemies of Creation. The problem is that they cannot stay in one location long, because they are far too popular with those who want to kill them. They also have a few longer plays planned, plays that demands that they stay close.

Players, I suggest that you decide what to focus on next. If you want to prepare for the Convocation, and if you want to make the Pius airborne, staying with the Hermetics for a while isn't a bad idea. The city of Septimus is as good a place as any, better than a few even, to lay low for a few weeks.

Alternately, you can return to the war, and deal with what comes up.

On the Situation, a month or so will not lose you the war if you come back stronger and more prepared. The forces in motion are huge, and thus somewhat slow.

The question is: Do you want to fight now, or do you want time to complete a few longer projects? One doesn't neccesarily negate the other, but the question bears answering.

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