Monday, 1 March 2010

A short history of the Hermetics

From Octavian's perspective.

When the Elf had been driven away and the Great War ended, the fragile alliance of Man broke. All the rivalries and feuds that had been building for so many generations of warfare made the last centuries of the Empire of Man no more than death throes.

My Order was cast out of the Dominion of Reason, as the lords of men called their flawed vision. After having fought side by side with our brothers for hundreds of years our craft was outlawed, and we were banished. We were give their leave to take ourselves land, as long as it was not on the map. We chose the land of Oron, that which you call Thule, where on the Plain of Kardas the Obsidian Tower stands.

It had been used by the elves early in the war, but they were defeated and driven out by Master Banifex Flambeu's cabal. My Order had kept the location and the state of the Tower to ourselves, and so the
Ordo Hermetica left the Dominion of Reason.

Our Masters had seen this coming, and so we were prepared. Already before the Covenant had our people built Göteshafen, and our Order stood ready. We brought all our books and secrets and bound our Order to the Obsidian Tower. There were many hard years before we managed to gain control over the Tower and the land.

It was in those years that we encountered the remnants of the
Enæìdûn. Their people had almost ended, and they had been driven to a last refuge in the mountains. They were hounded by all the savage tribes of men and goblins that are the scourge of the Wild, and so a pact was made between the Masters and the Proxima.

This alliance proved prosperous for both parties, and since then the Hermetic Society has prospered. The lands are safe, and all enemies kept out. The Tower now watches over rich and fertile lands, and all enemies are kept out.

My Order has grown powerful over the centuries, but we have also become ignorant. Still, there are those who have been watching the world and who sees what is happening.

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