Monday, 19 April 2010

Historical References: Amsterdam

This reference-post is devoted to the city of Amsterdam in the 17th Century. This is definitely the most direct inspiration for the city of Rederhafen.

By the early 1600's, Amsterdam was the center of world trade [...] The seventeenth century saw the Dutch Republic become the center of a cultural flowering much as Italy had been during its Renaissance. Along with money to patronize the arts and sciences, the Dutch Republic had both a free and tolerant atmosphere and enterprising spirit willing to challenge old notions and creatively expand the frontiers of the arts and sciences.  

Amsterdam, 1702

Dutch East India Warehouses, 17th Century
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Amsterdam Harbour, c. 1700 CE
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Typical canal house, c. 1600 CE
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View of Dordrecht, by Aelbert Cuyp - 1655 CE
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Dutch familiy, c. 1600 CE


  1. Amsterdam would be a great place to base a game, especially during the age of Solomon Kane. I really like the map you posted, and this post has me wanting to read more about the Dutch during this time period.

  2. I agree, even if I don't use the actual Amster, a lot of the characteristics of the RL-city have found its way into my world.

    I've always looked for reference material in our own world first, and I find there's an abundance of available material. Not to mention that the internets are literally teeming with pictures and information.

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