Friday, 2 April 2010

In Praise of the White Justicar

by Arcus Woller of Mannswerk

The Age of Reason is now coming to its end,
war and wizard's fire sweeps the realms
Our faith must that which is corrupted mend;
and raise up to the heavens our solemn psalms
For justice and for law the white one stands;
cloak'd in the robe of Morpheus the dark
All souls must to duty pledge their hands,
For the call to arms has gone up: Hark!
With sword and steel and cleansing fire,
in their darkest dream the guilty dies
O brethren! we all must aspire:
Live a life of law -- be ware the evil lies
The dark bog will drown complacency;
be humble, live your lives in piety

Storyteller's note: I have long been thinking about trying my hand on a sonnet, hence these limping iambic feet. If you now feel like critiquing, please click on the comment-button just below this line.

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