Friday, 16 April 2010

Sigurd Dragedreper

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This is a Norwegian movie from 1989, about the young earl-son Sigurd, named after the old mythic hero Sigurd Fåvnesbane. It is a true Coming of Age story set in a fictive Norway sometime around 1000 CE, give or take a hundred years.

It's quite a neat film, even if it focuses a lot more on the message than on either the legend or the history. There are a few reasons why I put this one up. One is that I remember I thought it was kinda good, although severely politically correct, even back then. Another is that a lot of the movie also dovetails quite neatly with certain parts of the Argos mythology, although just not that social-romantic.

Anyway, I have no idea if any foreigners will be able to stream it from the NRK servers. Also, the movie is in Norwegian, no subtitles, so there you go.


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