Sunday, 20 October 2013

NPC: Weekly Roundup No. 2

Boudewijn Houdemakers, first mate of De Goudende Ezel, comes from a long line of sailors. He himself started as a cabin boy at age nine and by the time he was 19 he was the third mate on a Wezellian skytrader. The calm, quiet, always impeccably dressed man could probably have made quite a career for himself, but he seems to carry some dark sorrow in his soul.

All acrosss Northern Eria, local death cults have sprung up. At the core of these are the Psychopomps. Neither Mage nor Geist, these individuals still seem capable of guiding errant souls back across the Veil. Most also claim, and with apparent validity, to be able to send the soul of loved ones safely on their way in such a manner that they won't come back to haunt the living.

Though the Psychopomps have no innate supernatural ability, they all share some affinity with the Underworld and they also employ a number of rituals. Some of these rites appear to have ancient origins, others are particular to an individual or a particular group. Where they have picked these up is not certain, though it is speculated that they are being taught by powerful entities in the Lands of the Dead.

Ambroos Zuiderduin is the captain and owner of the skytrader De Zwarte Paard. Word has it that the only thing that stands between him and the Flying Navy hunting him down for a pirate is his luck and his considerable contacts. The mundanes also claim that had he not been a wizard he would have hung a year ago.

Johnatar Myrkbrooke is a minister in Norton-on-Elan, Northern Pendrell. He comes from a long line of clerics and is a devout follower of the teachings of Macharius, believing that the only through hard work and study will the common man be able to save himself.  As a young man he served in the Pendrellian navy, but deserted his post when he learned that his father had been lost the night the forest swallowed the land. He sought out the remainder of his family in the north. His life's work is the school of Norton, a small town in Northern Pendrell.

The Bansljugend  are Matter-mages who follow the erratic doctrines of the Bombmaster, the founder of their movement. What sets them apart from other mages is their reckless approach towards experimenting and to the Paradox that is never far away. They are widely seen as dangerous mercenaries, but their commitment to fighting the Deep wherever its influence is seen cannot be denied.

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