Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Pyre Dancers

For more than a year, the villages of Northern Pendrell have been terrorised by a brood of spirits named the Pyre Dancers. The close proximity to the enormous Verge that is the Aelvinwoode means that there are more spirits roaming this realm than perhaps anywhere else. The Pyre Dancers are more than just roaming spirits though. These malicious entities have developed a terrible way of acquiring  the Essence they need to feed and grow stronger.

They create witch trials.

The most powerful of the group is Rides the Condemned Witch. This murder-spirit has evolved to become the perfect victim. It will claim the body of a woman, then it'll start displaying signs of possession, attracting the attention of the right people. Once the humans apprehend it, it will egg them on, sustaining the flesh of its host throughout the process. At last, the captors will be forced to burn the spirit out. All the while, Rides the Condemned Witch will be feeding on the Essence of the torture and anger. At last, when the body is committed to the pyre, it will feast on the bloodlust of the mob.

Feeds the Hateful Fire is the trusted companion of Rides the Condemned Witch. This Anger-spirit will stay close to its leader, stoking the embers of mistrust and fear in the mortals until they reach the white hot flames of anger. When the theatre macabre reaches its horrible crescendo, it will gorge itself on the outpouring of rage.

The newest member of the brood, the last in a long line of newbies - they seem to end up as snacks if Rides the Condemned Witch has been weakened by the process - is Dances in the Pyre. This young Fire-spirit follows the two more powerful ones like a dog looking for scraps. It feeds off the witch's pyre.

Storyteller's note: This brood featured in this chapter. Stats are not published in case they make another appearance.


  1. I had a bit of a surprise ending in mind. In reality it ended up being one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't kind of scenarios.