Friday, 18 October 2013

Riding on a cold wind...

The savage Tsjude-people have their home somewhere in the farthest reaches of the North. Not even the Terema know where they come from, though they have been raided by these merciless savages as far back as the Second Age. Tall, pale-eyed and strong, the Tsjude are fierce warriors, rumoured to eat the heart of those they vanquish.

Almost all raiding parties count a witch among their number. These wild sorcerers adorn themselves with grisly fetishes, they call upon dark magics and even the other Tsjudes appear to fear them. At least one reasonably reliable source describes a witch ripping the soul out of the flesh of a still living enemy.

One Tsjude warlord that has become known by name in Northern Eria is Musti Murhaaja. His skyship, the Cold Despair, has raided a half-dozen airtraders above the White Ocean. Rumour has it that he leaves none alive on the ships he boards. He is also accredited with several raids on villages in the northern Kengelian countryside..

The Tsjude iron dragons appear to rely heavily on Thulean technology, something that has caused a motion to name this people Enemies of Man to be brought before the Enlightened Council.

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