Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Totems of the North

Idjebbas the Shadow Lynx
Aspect: Hunting
Ban: Only kill what you will eat or in self defence
Boon: Add Merit-rating to ambush rolls

Few ever see a shadow lynx, even the most skilled hunters rarely catch a glimpse of this elusive predator. They are believed to be part spirit and part animal, slipping between worlds to avoid detection. Idjebbas, the totem spirit, has been revered by Tereman hunters since the world was young.

Gabba the Reindeer Bull
Aspect: Leadership
Ban: Do not abandon kin or allies in need
Boon: Add Merit-rating to assist rolls

There are many stories about the majestic Gabba. Of all the Tereman spirits, the reindeer bull is the one most often seen. He will often appear in the midst of a snowstorm, leading the lost to shelter, or he will show himself before a momentous event. This is the totem of the royal house.

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