Sunday, 13 October 2013


When the The Fallen Daeva was defeated on the Plains of the Prophet, its essence was released upon the world. Those whose soul were hit by these Shards of Creation immediately achieved Awakening, i.e. they became mages. For most of these newly Awakened their ascent was short and terrible, their souls literally burning up within days. Some managed to harness this awesome power and have become powerful magicians.

Not all of the Shards found a soul immediately and in the generation that has followed, a new phenomenon has been identified. It appears that when a Shard embeds itself in an infant, the soul seems to be much better suited to absorb and harness the power. Those who are born carrying a fragment of the Daeva grow up to become natural sorcerers, with an innate grasp of magic.

These wizards are referred to as Spellborn, and while few doubt their worth and capability, they are often mistrusted - even feared - by their peers.

New Merit: Spellborn ●●●●●
Prerequisite: Mage
A Spellborn Mage gains a bonus of 1 die on all improvised magic rolls. When Paradox is resolved, the roll has the 9-again quality.

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