Saturday, 10 September 2011

Chapter: A journey into the unknown, part I

Wherein a young woman sets out on a quest to find her long lost mother, hires a mercenary, meets several unsavoury types, and is forced to agree to a deal that may cost more than she bargained for.

Cast: Sonia van Reuter and Marcus D'Nough. As NPC's: A devious ogre named Shensal, a prudent mercenary named Freddick, a Wezellian spy calling himself Möller, Punch the puppet, and Lord Velimir of Geistwald.

The following takes place between 3 and 12 Novium, YE 1045.

The town of Werk lies in the North-Western foothills of the Elfswall Mountains, and ever since the Red Death scoured the lands east of the town it has become a haven for adventurers, heretics, mercenaries, and refugees. It is a place to hide from the law, and to spend one's ill-, or legally begotten, silver. Surrounding the walled town lies several farms, all built to withstand both brigands and the occasional roaming dead that still wander out of the Redlands. Sonia grew up on one of these farms, where her grand-uncle is breeding horses.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Wow! Is that the time already?

August has come and gone, and I've been neglecting my blog something horribly. I've moved, and with that has come a whole new life I've had to get used to. In that whole mess, the days have passed frighteningly fast. And its not like I've been slacking. I hope to have a few posts up over the next week -- it's not like I haven't been playing. In fact, I'm hosting a game tonight. On Argos, no less.

I hope you all are doing well, and I will try to get back to reading your ramblings too. I promise.

One more thing for now. The Bergen-group is still playing, and you can read about their adventures on Bjoernar's new blog.

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