Your Host

I'm a Norwegian. A Northern Norwegian to be more precise -- born and raised above the Arctic Circle. Ultima Thule, baby. It was there, in -91, that I first found my love for the game, an addiction I've got absolutely no plans of trying to shake. The gate-way game was AD&D 2nd Ed, and Forgotten Realms was the setting I first GM'ed. One day in the late 90's, I was bitten by Vampire: The Masquerade. Since then, I've been running with the White Wolf. There has of course been other games over the years, some good, some not so much, all enjoyable in their own way.

Of the other things I'm interested in, history and politics score high on the list. I've got a bachelors degree in history and religion, and like most of my countrymen, I'm a social democrat. Religiously I like to call myself an unconvinced agnostic, with a leaning towards pantheism.

I've lived in Bergen, Norway for more than a decade, and it was here that the world of Argos was born. I've been blessed with very smart and creative people to play with for pretty much all those years. No wonder I now have an entire multiverse residing in my (rather large) head.

Presently I reside in Southern Ontario, where I play casual games on both sides of the screen. A steady campaign may develop, but that'll come when and if. The important thing is to keep the dice rolling. I have some other projects going as well, and these may get some coverage in the blog from time to time.