Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Reference: Treasure Planet

Events have conspired to delay the chapter-post a little, so instead I'll post this one from my archives. Its also quite relevant, as there's been some failed attempts at placing the reference to the Orcus Galactica mentioned in the previous chapter.

Treasure Planet is by far my favourite Disney movie, and it scores high on my list of animated movies as well. Instead of delving into a synopsis of the plot-line, I'll just say that, yes, it is an adaption of R. L. Stevenson's Treasure Island. It follows the original fairly closely, except for a few minor changes. The main difference being the setting. Instead of taking place in our world in the mid-18th century, TP is set in an alternative universe. Space-galleons with solar sails have replaced the sailing-vessels of the original, and Long John is cast as a right charming cyborg. In addition, there are aliens, uncharted planets, laser-cannons, and space-ports. Also, Jim Hawkins is portrayed as a somewhat moody surfer kid with authority-issues, but given the general coolness of the rest of the movie, I managed not to let that spoil my mood (he's still more sympathetic than Anakin in E. II & E. III).

One thing I'd like to mention, while we're on the topic. Lately I've read Flint and Silver and Pieces of Eight, both by John Drake. These are the first two books in Drake's prequel-trilogy to Stevenson's classic. The third book, Skull and Bones is next on my reading-list. If you liked the original, or if you just have a soft spot for pirates, I can recommend these whole-heartedly.

Now, since this is a reference-post, here are the pictures.

RLS Legacy leaving the Montressor space-port

Space-galleon under sail

View of Montressor

Montressor's docks

The RLS Legacy under sail

RLS Legacy escorted by schools of Orcus Galactica

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  1. Though I haven't seen it in years, I recall enjoying Treasure Planet, as well.

  2. I liked that movie, too. It had some great characters.

  3. I liked the characters, but the setting was what really blew my socks off. This is one of those movies I have to watch atleast once a year.

  4. I watch this movie weekly. I love it SOO MUCH. I'm kinda freakish that way.

  5. Please sign this: https://www.change.org/p/to-get-disney-to-finally-give-treasure-planet-the-respect-and-attention-that-it-deserves