Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Next chapter

~Ironbellies break the Wezellian line~
Picture hosted by Anubis Studios

Since the Cabal will have had a couple of days in Rederhafen before the next chapter, they will have picked up some news and rumors about what's going on. Here's a few.

  • The King of Pendrell has fallen on his own sword -- he is dead.
  • The elves are attacking Pendrell and they're unstoppable, where they strike no humans are left. They have almost cut the country in two.
  • Duke Rowar Garwellyn of Ayre has mustered an army and has claimed the Oaken Throne of Pendrell.
  • Wezell lost the battle of Arber Bridge, Pendrell has burned Zaarbrügge.
  • War has broken out between the Elektorship of Maravia and the Skythian Emperor.

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