Saturday, 7 August 2010

New Season: Shadow's Fall

Western Eria

The last season ended with the start of the great magical congregation. The war had begun in earnest, with both sides having suffered defeats as well as claimed a few victories.

The forces of evil, under its Dark Triumvirate,  controlls the entire Dark Continent after having defeated the Stygian Empire. Great weapons have been used against the Hegememony of Man, perhaps the most successful being mistrust, deceit, chaos and despair.

The heroes of the Pius Cabal, the last, best hope for mankind, came into their own, with all of the magicians ascending to Masterhood. At their hands, a terrible demon has been imprissoned, the Dread Captain Armand killed, the Pendrellian Ministerium shattered, and the Elves sent on their last attack.

Now let the game begin anew.


Present day: 3 Quintum, 1022

The Great Arcane Congress has been concluded, and the Oath of Enlightenment has been sworn by all present. All vow to heed the call of Creation, and to oppose all its enemies. Again magicians stand united on the front-lines of the War of the World.

The following are reports received during the last two months.

The king is rumoured to be ill, and hasn't been seen in public for months. The queen, ruling the realm in his stead, is never seen without her priest, a mysterious hooded figure called El Caperucho.

The realm is preparing for war; a large force is being mustered in the northern province of Aperuche.

Rumours have it that trade has been opened with the Dark Continent.

The Elfswood, the sorcerous forest that spread across the realm like a plague after the fall of the Five Forts, now divides the realm in a Northern and Southern part. Few who enter the forest return.

The Civil War between the forces of King Rowar II and the Presbyterium has resulted in a division of the realm. South of the Elfswood the king rules, while the Presbyterium controls the lands to the North.

The Ministerium has been broken, and the Houses of Parliament has granted the king the Right of Enlightened Autocracy for a full year.

Duke Waylon oc Aleicola of Corillia, a Macharite, has allied himself with the Wezellian Syndicate.

Grasse, now also an ally of the Syndicate, has deared itself a Free City, ruled by the Chamber of Ministers. Lady Thorne, formerly Witchfinder General of the Pendrellian Ministerium, has been named Mistress of Swords.

The Enlightened Skythian Empire
After the Imperial army sent to crush the University of Marburg was defeated in its attempts to cross into Maravia, dozens of cities have revolted against the Humanist rule. In response, the Emperor and the Temple have declared a Pogrom on all heretics, as well as all who refuse to bow before the image of Man Invincible and swear obedience to the Imperial Crown.

In Kierovia, a peasant army following the Prophet Lydiger have burned temples and slaughtered Imperial officials, Perfecti, and defeated a smaller Imperial force. The conflict has spread to Emertal.

Thousands are displaced, and several cities have been sacked by marauding armies.
The king has pledged 16,000 infantry and 6,000 dragoons to the War of Enlightenment.

An envoy from the king to the Arcane Congress begs assistance; aver the winter, hard frosts have frozen the River Wyz over, and barbarian hordes have swarmed into Kengelian lands.

Rumours speak of a dragon awakening in the East, and driving the peoples before it.

By orders from the Queen, several Pogroms are being carried out. Whole parishes have been tried and executed by the Black Hand.

After the Great Arcane Congress the Syndicate is preparing for war with the Temple of Man Supreme.

Waymar Islands
Still no ships from the Western Isles, but reports tell of Aragonian merchants selling goods from the West.

[Picture source 1: Atlas, vol I; 2: Get Enlightened]


  1. Why do you use some historical names like Livonia and Narbonne, but then mix with fictional stuff?

    Just curious

  2. @ Trey
    Aye, that it is. It kinda got that way, and it looks like it'll stay that way as well ;)

    @ Greg
    That's just sloppy design-work on my part ;) When the first maps were drawn, I needed names, and once penned, they stuck.

    However, one of my main guidelines is that the regions and places be recognisable to my players. Narbonne is a French-inspired culture, Livonia is Scandinavian-inspired, the Enlightened Skythian Empire is based on the Holy Roman Empire, and so on.

    But, alas, the blatant thievery is mostly due to uninspired laziness

  3. Crap! When I was cleaning out a bus-load of Chinese spam, I accidentally deleted Greg's last comment...

    Greg said (if I'm not mistaken): Fair enough.

    A thousand pardons.

  4. Hmm - a few things lacking here my master! The zombieplague, the patriarchs madness, the last march of the frost elves to name a few ;>