Sunday, 5 June 2011


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It is now clear that the inhuman forces of the Commonwealth of Man, guided by their hellish engines of reason, intend to destroy our entire civilization. Our outlying colonies have been blockaded and submitted to ruthless bombardment. No surrender has been asked for, nor accepted when offered. Tens of thousands have been killed: men, women, and children. Our homeworld is now facing a direct attack, and despite the heroic efforts of our armed forces, we have to prepare for the worst thinkable outcome. 

OpPlan Fönix is therefore now activated, and all neccessary resources will be diverted from all sectors to ensure the survival of our race and our civilization. All citizens classified as Alpha 07 or higher will report to their designated evacuation-zones. All artifacts ranked Essential or higher will be readied for transport.

From the darkness we have come, and from the darkness we shall again emerge. Our enemies shall never know peace!

Before the fall of the Thulist civilization on Varanger, now almost a thousand years ago, three great ships were constructed. Each of these were to be able to sustain a population large enough to seed a new world, as well as to sustain it's inhabitants even if it had to remain hidden in the Void for several generations. To meet these demands, the greatest scientists of Varanger employed ancient secrets, as well as the latest breakthroughs in goethic science. Demons were bound into vast structures welded and riveted together in the upper reaches of Varanger's troposphere.

This resulted in vessels large enough to be classified as Constructs, in effect, small worlds onto themselves; each would enforce it's own Paradigm. When the ships were ready, they would head deep into the Void and seek out a new world to populate. Only two would make it out before the Commonwealth blockade was enforced, but the remaining ship, EXODUS II, played a vital role in the last defence of Varanger. It was finally destroyed two weeks after the surrender of Capitol, and its fall onto the planet is accredited with the Great Firestorm that swept the Northern Continent.

Of the two Construct-class ships that escaped, EXODUS I and EXODUS III, it is believed that the latter was lost when the isolation-chamber containing it's core-demon burst, during the Battle of Abometh's Gate, some three hundred years ago. The former, EXODUS I, has led several failed colonization-attempts since it took to the stars. It is also accredited with slavery, plunder, grand scale piracy, as well as numerous counts of Crimes Against Creation. It is believed that EXODUS I controls at least one Fringe World, and that it has several permanent bases in the Nether Regions.

[Picture source: Chris Cold]


  1. Good to have you back, Harald, my friend.

    So no Construct-class ships that became lost and forgot they were ships at all?

  2. You have a devious mind, Trey. I'm sure there are secrets to discover should someone decide to search for EXODUS III. Who knows what happened when the isolation chamber burst?

  3. Your players are lucky. Yesterday we wandered the desert for four hours while the DM rolled random encounters.

  4. Heh, well, last session may well have felt a bit like that... But then, I can always blame the booze. It was Friday, and the crew hadn't seen each other for a while. Let's just say we enjoyed the refreshments :)

  5. I can see myself running out of superlatives. What a great development. I'm also very glad you're posting again.

  6. Thanks, Porky.

    All the warm words really do warm :)