Sunday, 5 June 2011

Thulist Architecture

This is a reference post for the Ordo Ultima Thule's various installations on Argos. While Deep Command has suffered a terrible blow, and the lunar base has been hit hard, the Thulists have gained a far to firm grasp on Argos to disappear overnight. They may no longer be able to operate at will, but they are too well dug in -- often quite literally -- to abandon the areas they have occupied.

In this post I will look at some of the structures the Outsiders have erected, and are in the process of building, since they arrived.


Apart from goethic energy, the Thulists rely on a power-source they call Dieselkraft. They harness this power by using refined exunge to fuel complex internal consumption engines, which in turn are used to provide propulsion for various vehicles. Two such installations are known to exist, both located on the Waymar Islands. One, Fort Niebelungen, was destroyed by the Pius Cabal, the second is located in Dönershavn.

Burning Towers

Surrounding the Waymar Islands lies a ring of metal towers. These hideous constructions rise from the ocean deep, and from their spires a constant flame sends a thick, oily smoke towards the heavens. This is where the Thulists extract the dark matter they call exunge. There are those who believe that this thick and unhealthy liquid is drawn from the Abyss, and whether or not this is true, the fact that the dark film it leaves on the surface of the ocean will kill any animal who comes in contact with it cannot be denied.

Residential Compounds

The OUT occupation has brought not only scientists and troops to Argos, but also civilians. These often live in residential compounds close to technical or scientific installations. Constructed by slave-gangs and advanced machinery, these ugly, fortress-like structures have sprung up at record speed. Only a year after the Thulists seized the Western Isles more than twenty such fortified communities have sprung up. Sources say that each of these can house up to 5,000 people.


Wherever the Thulists settle, they fortify. Unlike the Aragonians who rely on larger forts, their fortifications are usually a chain of redoubts of various sizes. These unlovely permacrete structures are normally big enough for one weapon and it's crew. Some contain only a few Falangists and an automatic gun, while others house dozens of troops and cannons of a terrible calibre. These are always connected to the others in their network by vox-casters or transievers.

Sea Forts

Where their installations border the ocean, the Thulists have started building fortifications on the water. Standing on solid metal feet, planted in the ocean floor, these permacrete forts are bristling with guns of a wide range of calibres.

Education Camps

In the areas where the Thulists have settled, countless Aragonians have been interned in education camps, or AusLags, as the Outsiders call these gruesome slave-compounds. These are usually placed close to factories, construction sites, or other installations where an expendable work-force is needed. Some of the prisoners are abducted from their homes in Eria, some are bought from slavers, yet others are sentenced according to the draconic laws the occupiers enforce in the lands they control. According to the OUT, these camps are designed to educate and civilize those who are sent there, but the truth says otherwise.


With their heavy reliance on technology, the Thulists have constructed several factories on Argos. Some lie above ground, but as these installations are vital to their survival, the most important are built as subterranean complexes. Here servitors and slaves work around the clock, churning out machines, weapons and ammunition.

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  1. I like posts like this. They flesh out the world and make it seem more "real." On question: does some form of photographic technology/magic exist in the world?

  2. Well, thorough magic it is certainly possible to render an accurate depiction of a scene. As photography, the OUT certainly use such nefarious devices to capture liknesses (and, the rumour goes, fragments of someones soul).