Thursday, 9 June 2011


Reaver-class NullGrav vessel
The Reaver is the work-horse of the Ordo Ultima Thule. It has a modular construction that allows for easy configuration for different tasks; troop-carrier, assault-craft, cargo-hauler, and VIP-transport are but some. One of the great advantages of the Reaver is it's capability to travel both in atmosphere as well as in the Void. The cylindrical cargo/troop compartment can be lifted off and replaced, according to need. The load-grapples slung beneath the hull are capable of lifting heavy loads, but can also be used to lower, or extract, troops. If configured as a troop carrier, it can carry 20 troops, as a cargo-hauler, it can lift 6,500 kg.

The vessel gains flight through buoyancy -- it's keel-beam is made of Levitanium, a Primordial metal that is lighter than air. Due to this, it is held to be almost impossible to crash. It is propelled by a Deichmar-Blitz Triebwerk 7 dieselkraft engine, and military models are also equipped with a Class II goethic reactor. The latter provides energy for the Zauberschirm anti-magic field, the Maulwurf detection-system, as well as for the various other goethic devices carried by these vessels.

The normal crew of a Reaver is nine, a pilot, an engineer, a commander, and 6 gunners. Standard armament consists of four 6.66 mm machine-guns, and one 30 mm automatic cannon.

Crew: 9
Durability: 8
Structure: 20
Magic Resistance: 5
Acceleration: 13 m/turn
Maximum Speed: 235 m/turn
Handling: +3
Capacity: 20 passengers, or 6,500 kg
4 x Walter & König Mg 9 machine-gun* - dmg 5, auto-fire, range 200
1 x Hexmark 4 auto-cannon - dmg 7 AP (or explosive 6/6), auto-fire, range 250

*May fire Shardakeem ammunition.

[Picture source and inspiration: Keith Thompson]


  1. Isn't Keith Thompson awesome? Great write-up, by the way.

  2. Thanks. Thompson is one of my favourite artists. I have lost count of how many of his images I've used to illustrate my posts.

  3. Love the write up. It's got that nice armchair technical field like a "Armored Vehicles of World War II" book or something. Nicely done. :)

  4. I'm going to drive that thing to work, thank you.

  5. @ Trey:
    Thanks, man.

    @ Christian:
    That'd probably make your delinquent Changeling neighbour think twice before giving you the stink eye.

  6. Very cool and nice reference link.