Sunday, 17 July 2011

Fragments of Truth and Fiction: Lethal Ladies

 Elyn von Sturm, one of the best Panzerzeppelin-commanders of the OUT, is a first generation Argonian. It is said that she is more at home in the air than on the ground. She often volunteers her dirigible, the Himmelwulf, for long-range scouting missions. She is known to be particularly interested in arcane phenomena, and lately it has been commented that perhaps her methods are a little too dynamic for the Thulist establishment.

Among those who pay heed to such things, the woman called Wraithblade is a matter of some debate. Some call her a hero, others a villain, a murderess, even. There are many stories about her origin, but they all tell of loss and grief at the hands of reckless magicians. According to the tales, she hunts those Enlightened who forget that their mandate is to serve and protect mankind. There are also those who believe she is nothing but a story invented to scare young apprentices.

Esmeralda Corvinus lost her family to the Red Death when she was a small child. She was found by a group of gypsies, and raised as one of them. When she was nine, she discovered that she could talk to birds. When her foster-parents became aware of this, they presented her to the Raven King. Since then, Esmeralda has been trained as a spy and a thief, and she now acts as one of the King's many human agents in the Redlands and beyond.

Beatrice da Anterra is a renowned Corinthian heroine, brigand, and rebel. She commands a band of fighters with similar convictions in the southern Corinthian highlands. They are fierce opponents of the Temple of Man Supreme, and stories of her deeds are told all over the peninsula. The Templars, of course, see this differently, and a price of 1.000 Escudi has been placed on her head.

Mermaids are among the most feared of the minions of the Exarch. These terrible creatures will stalk a ship for days, attempting to lure sailors to their doom with dark secrets and temptations of power. They lurk around hidden reefs, waiting to prey on the crews of those ships who run aground, and sometimes they will come ashore during the nigh, to snatch the unwary away to the cold deep.

[Picture source: 1 Aly Fell; 2 Cinar; 3 J Fredrickson; 4 QJ.netGraySapphire]


  1. All brilliant characters. I really dig the OUT concept in general and Commander von Sturm in particular, but I would find all of them worth playing (and I never, ever play females normally).

  2. Those mermaids are frightening, indeed!

  3. Great stuff, aided and abettd by cool pictures. I pasrticularly like the twsit on the mermaids temptations.

  4. @ Jedediah:
    I bet you like Commander von Sturm ;) I've been wanting to use that pic for a long, long time. I think I've had it since it was published in -04. That one is actually one of the early inspirations for the OUT.

    @ Christian & Trey:
    Aye, I'm quite fond of those mermaids myself. I didn't get to use them in the Pius Chronicles, but they're bound to appear in a future story. Bank on it >:)

    @ Loq:
    Thanks :)

  5. I second Trey in all things. Sorry I don't have an opinion of my own, but there we have it.

  6. Have you considered that you may just be a figment of his imagination?