Saturday, 16 July 2011

Non-magical loot: Singing Bird Pistols

These should be worth a hefty sum in just about any setting, and probably well worth a little crime. This particular pair was sold for $5.8 million in May this year, after "[...] an epic bidding war between two of the world’s most connoisseur collectors who fought fiercely for more than 10 minutes." [source]  Now if that isn't enough to make you hum the theme from Mission Impossible, you're in the wrong hobby.

Thanks to Kevin Mowrer for the video.


  1. I've been fascinated by Asian/Arab automata for while now (ever since Ghost in the Shell 2, with that tea-serving doll...those are actually real), but I haven't come across Cuckoo Pistols before. Very neat, I like that it never sings the same song twice in particular.

  2. Pretty awesome, I remember reading something about these guns when I was doing some research for steam punk information. Thanks for the video.

  3. Clockwork FTW!

    @ Jedediah:
    Those are super-neat. I'll have to remember those.