Monday, 4 July 2011

From my shelves: Leviathan

One of the things that naturally moving is packing. While boxing my RPG-books yesterday, I had to stop more than once to leaf through a tome I'd half forgotten. I'll readily admit there are books I probably wouldn't ever remember, should I decide to part with them, but there are also some treasures amongst them. One of these is Grendel's Leviathan. This "post-apocalyptic fantasy battle system" was published in -95, and I assume it never made it big.

I picked it up in a discount-bin sometime shortly after Y2K, not because I wanted a mini-game, but because of the artwork by Adrian Smith. Once I'd read through the fluff-section, I came to like the setting as well. The five factions of the game are dwarves, elves, goblins, humans and orcs. While this is far from innovative in and of it self, these five pieces should illustrate some of what's made me remember Leviathan. The goblins have become my standard go-to-goblins for my fantasy games, and the elves became the First Fallen of Argos. As for the steampunk dwarves, they're just too cool for school.

I did some light looking, and Leviathan-minis are still available, for those of you who have such inclinations.

EDIT: Yup, there's also a blog dedicated to this game. I love the internets.


  1. Interesting artwork. Are those Mongolian orcs?

  2. I think both the goblins and the orcs have more than a little Mongolian in them. The humans seam to be Native American Highlanders.

  3. Huzzah! Its some more Leviathan goodness!

    All the best from the geek running the Leviathan blog!

  4. @ Lt. Brittan:

    Thanks :)